Purna Yoga is a wonderful journey of self-exploration, of connecting with your essence. Expand awareness and aliveness throughout your body by focusing and honing your mental energies to awaken the power of Mind. Trek deeply into your heart center and discover the never-ending possibilities as your life becomes richer and truer. Purna Yoga embraces you as you grow into the aliveness of your unique being.

Increasing Wellbeing

With Purna Yoga, you will honor your abilities, moving through each moment, allowing the inner spaciousness needed to become more deeply aware. Purna Yoga will enrich and strengthen every facet of your life.

Purna Yoga with Zofia

Zofia has specialized in yoga and meditation since 1998. She has studied extensively with Aadil Palkhivala and Mirra since 1995. In her workshops and classes, Zofia integrates three essential yogic practices - stilling the mind, asana (postures) to hone and balance the body, and Savasana (deep relaxation and integration), to soothe your total being.


Zofia is an instructor at Yoga Centers in Bellevue and also offers private sessions. Visit Yoga Centers Website for a drop-in schedule of classes or to register for a series.


  Contact Zofia at: 425.867.1616 in Bellevue, WA